Global Peacebuilders Summit

Since 2016, peacemakers from all over the world have been meeting in Germany at the invitation of the Culture Counts Foundation. The Global Peacebuilders Summit has the character of a retreat: taking time out from the very stressful situation in their home countries in a safe and beautiful place, learning from each other, planning joint activities in peace processes.

The participants are among the most outstanding peacebuilders in their region. They come from Iraq, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Rwanda, Libya, Lebanon, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Israel, Mali, Israel, Palestine, Mexico, Pakistan. The core objective of the Summit is to strengthen these individuals and their organization so that they can continue their valuable work in the long term.

Events in crisis and post-conflict regions often change quickly and dramatically. It is therefore important to regularly seek the expertise of those working on the ground on peace processes. Burning issues of the summit are:

  • How can civil society become even more effective?
  • What are limits to civil society engagement?
  • What form of intervention and support do peacemakers want from the international community?
  • How can Germany get involved without weakening its own forces on the ground?

The Global Peacebuilders Summit sees itself as a learning organization that gathers insights into effective civil society engagement and develops them further at summits held at regular intervals. Part of the meetings is also the exchange with the Subcommittee on Civilian Crisis Prevention of the German Bundestag.