About Us

Peace Counts focuses on the work of successful peacebuilders around the world. The research is published in the form of texts, photos and articles for radio and television. The results are incorporated into exhibitions that are shown in conflict regions and in Germany, accompanied by peace education seminars and journalism trainings. Peace Counts Project is carried by Berghof Foundation, Zeitenspiegel Reportagen and the Culture Counts Foundation gGmbH.

Our vision
Peace Counts advocates for a world where conflicts are resolved non-violently and constructively and a culture of peace can grow.

Our mission
Our contribution to the culture of peace is to inform the public about successful peace work and constructive conflict resolution, to inspire with positive examples and to encourage own engagement.

The fields of work and goals

  1. educational: to initiate learning processes in Germany and in conflict regions on how to make peace,
  2. journalistic: to provide constructive, solution-oriented reporting and to communicate this approach,
  3. scientific: to collect methods of conflict transformation worldwide and to examine their effectiveness,
  4. socially: to network peacebuilders and their organizations and projects.