Journalism Trainings

Journalists in sensitive regions are trained by the Peace Counts team in order to improve their professional skills and to sharpen their focus on the issues of civil society, particularly on local peacemakers and initiatives for positive social change.

Peace Counts passes on the experience of two decades of peace reporting to colleagues in crisis regions and sensitizes them to conflict resolution.

The journalist training courses provide midcarreer training for journalists in crisis regions. The approach is what is known as critical-constructive journalism (solutions journalism). This involves focusing on possible solutions to problems and analyzing them critically. In addition, in crisis regions, where reporting often focuses on the government and opposition, the aim is to sharpen the focus on actors and issues from civil society, such as local peacebuilders and initiatives for positive social change.

The trainings have three levels:
1. Skill trainings and attitude;
2. Production (print, radio, television);
3. Distribution of the results. They are adapted to local conditions and the respective media landscapes.