Ivory Coast: Studio-Ecole Mozaik

Studio-Ecole Mozaik has provided training for radio journalists in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, since May 2014. While learning fundamental techniques, students are encouraged to practice their craft with passion and a vision for a pluralistic society.

Each feature, discussion forum or interview they produce is broadcasted via a network of 40 partner radio stations situated throughout the country.

In the aftermath of Ivory Coast’s civil war, the medium of radio could make a significant contribution to reconciliation and democratization – but only when reporting strives for objectivity and respects the viewpoints of all parties.

That will be especially true in 2015, a presidential election year when it is feared that old tensions could reignite. Well grounded in professionalism and neutrality, Studio-Ecole Mozaik’s students will report extensively on the election.

Their solidly frounded practical training in journalism, oriented toward fostering peace and reconciliation, is something new to Ivory Coast – a nation where Studio-Ecole Mozaik fills a significant gap.

The Studio-Ecole Mozaik is carried by the Foundation Dr. Peter Graze.

Its Partners are
the Swiss Foundation Hirondelle,
the German Culture Counts Foundation
and – of course – Peace Counts.